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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Merci, Do jeh, Danke, Mahalo, Grazie, Arigato, Gracias

So far, I'm thankful for all of the things that have been mentioned so rather than just writing “ditto” I thought I’d try to think of new things.

I am thankful that I’m able to appreciate little things. Sure, I’d like to win the Lottery but as long as the sun shines just right after days of cloudy, chilly weather I’ll have a happy life.

I am thankful that I tend to assume it’s my fault. Of course this is a result of a Catholic school education but the up side is that I don't waste time blaming others.

I am thankful that I'm not motivated by money. Again, yes, please, give me a Lottery win but there are more important motivations in life.

I am thankful that I out-grew drama long ago. Life is to short to go out of your way to make it difficult.

I'm thankful that I have no one to forgive (because no one has wronged me lately and those who have in the past have already been forgiven.)

I'm thankful that I have things to be thankful for and the sense to be thankful.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with all of the things you're thankful for especially the one about not being motivated by money. This one's a tricky one, though because I think if I won the lottery, I'd be happier, but I'd also give more to charities and to my family who are still struggling. You have good reason to be thankful because the sun continues to shine. God grants us a new day each and every day to do better and be better than the last. And that is definitely something to be thankful for. Great list, Andy!

Beth C. said...

Andy, You are right, the little things mean a lot. I was at the hospital last week playing cards with a very elderly man who had mild dementia. We talked like we were old friends and I helped him by pointing out his most advantageous moves. He laughed and made my day. I may never see him again but I won't ever forget that experience.

Anonymous said...

What a great list. I loved this blog. I am happy to read your list and be reminded of other important things to be thankful for. I am also thankful that I do not have anyone to forgive. Inspiring.