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Monday, September 8, 2008

The first step is to admit I have a problem

I’m not one for making excuses but I haven’t learned anything this week and I have an excuse. I’ve spent 90% of the past two weeks watching, listening, and reading convention coverage and I have nothing to show for it but indigestion. I am placing myself on a news fast.

Rather than watching the morning news as I get ready for work, I’ll watch Sponge Bob Square Pants – is that odd for someone who doesn’t have children?

When I might normally watch the evening news, I’ll do some chores around the house.

In the car, I’ve switched from the POTUS channel on XM to the comedy channel (at least I think I have, it’s hard to tell.)

And whenever I’m tempted to pick up my laptop just to see if there’s anything new on my news feed, I’ll play a game of solitaire.

I can’t say that I’ll regain the parts of my brain that have withered from convention-related trauma, but at least I’ll be a little less cranky and able to sleep.


Jsgirl said...

Andy, your title really does hit the nail on the head. I can can clearly understand where you're coming from because my dad is the exact same way. My mom gets so frustrated with him sometimes because he'll take over the television day in and day out. After he captures the remote control, she knows what's up, lol.

Now as for you, I'd recommend you follow the 12-Step program for '24-hour newsseekers', lol. Nah...just kidding! Seriously though, it's ok to keep up on the days news, but I guess when you start to notice it becoming a bit obsessive, then you have to simply pull yourself away and go discover other activities to keep ya busy pretty much like you're already doing. Good job of noticing, though! Now, you should be well on your way to finding new loves (or new addiictions, lol). Good luck!!!

Beth C. said...

This is what I've learned from the convention coverage: Politicians work really hard to develop a persona that fits what the public wants to hear and see. Every time I hear one, I think of the speech writers, wardrobe consultants and others who help "create" their image. I'm feeling cynical but I am tired of hearing political spin/partisan atttacks and the nonsense that accompanies it. It's hard to know if anything you are being fed is honest.
On a more positive note, XM comedy is so fun. You have to prepare yourself for the occasionally profane bits of humor but it is quite therapeutic.

Andy Egizi, Program Coordinator said...

My favorite image of the Dem. convention was them photo testing Hillary's pant suits under the lights. A rainbow of identical outfits. Orange is one of my favorite colors so I think she chose well, it's just odd that so many were involved and so much was done to make the choice.

Raisa said...

Hey Andy! I say, good for you! It's about time we stop letting them get in our heads, and, as Beth said tell us what we want to hear. Don't buy into it, Andy! Stay away from the dark side! (...Or the other white meat... By "dark side" I mean politics... By the "other white meat" I mean McCain... But, I'm not making any statements here... just couldn't resist the puns).

I think you learned something important, something about yourself (which is always most important to figure out): A.) You don't fool easily; and B.) You enjoy the occassional mindless entertainment. I don't see a problem with either one :)

Jennifer King said...

Andy, those all sound like good stress relieving tactics. The E! channel or a tabloid always work for me!!