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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's easier to learn history if it happens around you

This post isn't intended to be political, just observational.

Springfield is steeped in history, thanks in large part to Abraham Lincoln. We townies don't really bat an eye at what's around us. I mean, don't all of you have presidential tombs and libraries in your towns too?

There was a cold day in 2007 that Barack Obama came to Springfield to try to make a connection with our Lincoln legacy. If you weren't aware, he announced his candidacy here in our town - you can see his speech here http://tinyurl.com/5hx2jb  At the time, he was just another person throwing his hat in the ring.  He had some heat but this was back when Hillary Clinton was considered the likely Democratic candidate.

This evening, we're hearing that he's returning to Springfield to announce his pick for Vice-President.  Springfield usually needs to be hit by a tornado or have a former Governor sentenced to prison to make the national news so we're happy to have some positive press and to be associated with, what may prove to be, historically significant moments.  If you have never been to Springfield and want to catch a glimpse, tune into your favorite new network this Saturday at 1 pm.


Raisa said...

Hi Andy! I've never doubted Springfield for a moment. Actually I've never been and have always wanted to visit UIS and the capitol of my state (I'm out near Chicago where it's more drafty). Seeing a presidential candidate seems like the most ideal time to drop by... Do you have or know where I can find more information on Obama's visit? This would definitely be a historic event (along with the tombs and other things you said Springfield has to offer :)

Andy Egizi, Program Coordinator said...

I'm not seeing too much more on the actual visit other than he's coming. (As I was looking for more details, a post on the Chicago Sun-Times website correctly notes that the Donner party started their journey at the Old State Capitol as well. I don't think that poster is an Obama supporter:)

My memory of his annoucement in 2007 is that there were tickets and that people without ticekts were way in back, even though they came early. You might check his campaign website to see if there are specfic details for those who want to attend.

If you do give it a try, there is also a blues and BBQ festival downtown that day and the annoucement will be a block away from the Lincoln Presidential museum. The museum is worth the drive all by itself.

Raisa said...

Thanks, Andy! The site requires you to RSVP to the event (so not sure about tickets). I RSVP'ed and got an email with the date, time, and address (pretty much what you already provided for me) saying the event is free and so on... Not much more.

It's a bit tougher than I thought finding a fellow supporter to drive down with me. The festival sounds fun. I really hope I make it out there!

Thanks for looking into it :)

suPerg!RL 13 said...

As this will be my first year where I can vote, I am very excited to partake (albeit I am somewhat a drop in the pool of mankind) in the historical event of electing the leader of the free world. I will definitely be watching!